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The hotel, built in 1928, was named in honor of General James William Denver, one of Wilmington's most adventuresome citizens. General Denver was not only a hero of the Mexican and Civil Wars; he was governor of the "Bleeding Kansas Territory", US legislator from Colorado and California and the man for whom Denver, Colorado was named.

The dream to build a first class hotel between Columbus and Cincinnati was created by a group of prominent citizens, led by Matthew Rombach Denver. James Scudder Atkins of Cincinnati was contracted to design the hotel and A.P. Eveland handled the construction. The result was a beautiful four-story Tudor Revival structure unlike any other.

Once upon a time the hotel included an elegant dining room, barbershop, soda fountain and tavern. It soon became the center of Wilmington's business and social life.

Please join us for a unique experience into yesteryear; no phones and no pool. Each room as individual as the hotel itself. Just relax as you step back into the 1930's, when life moved at a slower pace...

Mark and Molly Dullea

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